Treadmill for dogs – Dog Runner XL

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  • Engine with power up to 5.5 HP
  • Double gradient: 15% uphill or downhill walking

1.599,00 incl. VAT

1.599,00 incl. VAT

A treadmill for dogs for the professional or intensive trainer. You are a breeder, veterinarian, trainer or you have several dogs you want to train, then the Dog Runner XL is your ideal partner!

A longer and wider tread, an even sturdier frame and above all an even heavier engine that can have a lot of use. The bearings, rollers … All crucial components are of very high quality so that you as a professional or as an intensive trainer can work perfectly with your dog. The beautiful tread offers all the comfort you need to train your dog in all ease.

The new Dog Runner XL is without doubt the very best dog treadmill ever developed. He received the ‘approved by Woef’-certificate and that’s absolutely right. Who is looking for a treadmill for his or her dog and needs space, has found the ideal dog training machine.

Double inclination:

The Dog Runner XL is the first treadmill for dogs with double inclination! Yes, let your favourite four-legged friend run up to 15% uphill or downhill! The inclination at the front is fully automated and can easily be controlled via the handy monitor. If you want to change the slope angle at the back, this can be done in a simple, manual way.

Not to be beaten:

The Dog Runner XL is not only the best priced treadmill for dogs in the world, but also the highest quality. The engine has a power up to 5.5 HP. Ideal for intensive use. Dog Runner has made a name for itself for years for its products intended for the real dog lover. All components are of very durable quality.


The tread is very wide and more than long enough (almost 1.8 meters!). Your dog can train relaxed in an enclosed space. The cage is finished in a high gloss finish and can easily be opened or closed at the back via a double gate. Your dog sits safely and can concentrate on the training.


This treadmill is not only suitable for the regular daily training but thanks to its extremely handy design (Designed in the USA), it is the world’s best. Only offered by Dog Runner.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions treadmill (L x W): 1780 x 460 mm
  • Device dimensions (L x W x H): 2000 x 625 x 1090 mm
  • Distance between walkway and bracket: 890 mm
  • Tread thickness: 1.8 mm (heavy duty)
  • Walking plate thickness: 1.72 mm (heavy duty)
  • Maximum permissible weight: 150 kg
  • Speed: 0.8-12 km/h
  • Engine: 5.5 HP
  • Slope: 0-15% (front and rear)
  • Front gradient: automatic/motorized
  • Rear gradient: manual

Some advantages:

  • No more walking your dog in the rain or bleak weather
  • Takes up little space and ensures that your dog has his daily dose of exercise
  • Sharpened concentration
  • Helps maintain weight
  • Stable surface and controlled movement during training.
  • Exercise at the ideal pace of your favorite animal.
  • Optimal partner in rehabilitation
  • The use of a dog treadmill can have a positive influence on behavioural problems.
  • Perfectly balanced training in preparation for competitions and shows


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