1. Can I buy as a private person?
    Dog Runner sells to both private customers and professionals.
  2. Can I make an appointment to visit the showroom with our dog?
    Dog Runner loves dogs as much as you love yours. That’s not a hollow slogan. You’re very welcome with your best friend. Do you think he or she thrives better in quiet circumstances, then make an appointment outside our regular opening hours.
  3. Are you really the greatest in the world?
    With dealers and partners all over the world we can rightly say that Dog Runner Treadmills is the largest specialist in dog treadmills in the world. We stand for high quality at competitive prices. From the U.S. to South Africa, Hungary to Italy…we have happy customers all over the world.
  4. I take part in competitions, can I be sponsored by Dog Runner?
    We get dozens of applications every week. Unfortunately, we can’t respond to them. We have a very close relationship with the entire dog sports circuit. If your dog is a real top dog, we’ll know about it and we’ll be sure to contact you ourselves to have you as ambassadors. So you don’t have to make a request yourself.
  5. Can I get an invoice for my purchase?
    Every Dog Runner customer gets an invoice of his purchase from us. Whether you are a private person or a professional, everyone gets the same excellent service and conditions.