Warranty and service conditions

Dog Runner produces high quality dog walkers and strives for the best possible handling of service complaints for dealer and consumer.
Partly due to the high quality of the products and the best possible service Dog Runner can make the difference compared to other suppliers. Correctly executed service is one of the essential parts for a successful sale and use of our Dog Runner-products.

1. Warranty provision

The warranty period starts at the time of purchase. The original invoice or purchase receipt serves as proof of warranty. Without presentation of the original invoice or purchase receipt, the consumer is not entitled to warranty.

The warranty period below applies and relates to construction and material faults already present at the time of delivery or faults that occur during normal use during the warranty period.

Product group Warranty period
Dog Runner: All treadmills 2 years
Dog Runner: Aqua Runner 2 years

Excluded from the guarantee are damages caused by the following:

  • Improper or incompetent use;
  • Normal wear and tear;
  • Abnormal loads and loads in excess of the permitted user weight;
  • Consequences of improper handling;
  • Improper use of the device;
  • Damage by the owner and/or third parties;
  • Modification of the original construction or equipment;
    – Use when replacing non-original parts;
    – Technical intervention or modification by third parties;
  • Damaged packaging;
  • Damage resulting from improper maintenance of the treadmill (e.g. lubrication, checking bolts, cleaning, etc.);
  • Damage caused by not placing the product in a dry and protected area.

2. Service procedure

The dealer is the consumer’s point of contact for matters relating to warranties on products purchased from the dealer.
In case the consumer has reported a complaint to the dealer, the dealer will handle this complaint and if necessary carry out a repair and/or order the necessary part from Dog Runner.

How does the dealer order a part at Dog Runner?
By filling in the form for parts the dealer can order parts. The form should be emailed to info@dogrunner.be.

If a complaint cannot be solved by the dealer, Dog Runner will handle the complaint. On the basis of the received service form Dog Runner will assess whether the complaint can be solved by telephone advice from a Dog Runner employee or by sending a part. If this is not possible, the dealer must take the necessary action to resolve the complaint.
If the assessment shows that a repair of the equipment on site is necessary, the dealer will take the action to make an appointment.

How does the dealer report a complaint to Dog Runner?
The dealer reports a complaint by sending a completely filled out service form by e-mail, with the declaration of dealer data, consumer data, article number and name, date of purchase, complaint analysis and the place where the apparatus is located. The purchase invoice must also be sent along to assess whether the appliance is still within the warranty period. Use Dog Runner’s standard service form for this purpose.

The service form should be emailed to info@dogrunner.be or can also be completed online via the website www.dogrunner.be.

The Dog Runner employee assesses on the basis of the guarantee provision whether the complaint is justified and whether the form has been completed completely and is within or outside the guarantee. If the form is not completely filled out, the Dog Runner employee should ask the dealer to deliver the form completely filled out. Only fully completed service forms are eligible for further handling of the complaint.

Within the warranty period, no costs will be charged for this, if it concerns construction and/or material faults that are already present at the time of delivery or faults that have arisen during normal use (as described in the warranty conditions).

In the event that the end user indicates a defect in the appliance, but the mechanic discovers that the appliance has not been assembled correctly, and he has been at home, the dealer will invoice the consumer for travel and labour costs.