Proper maintenance of your treadmill is essential to significantly extend its service life, but also to ensure that your warranty is still valid. We expect our Dog Runner Ambassadors to treat their Dog Runner like a good family man. Below you will find some tips & tricks:

  1. Only place your Dog Runner in a dry, not humid area. This space does not have to be heated, but is more ideal if the temperature is relatively constant. A Dog Runner treadmill prefers an ambient temperature between 10° and 20° Celsius.
  2. Preferably place your Dog Runner in a neat, dust-free environment. After all, a treadmill thrives best in these conditions. Of course, we understand that not all our customers can display it in these ideal conditions. A dusty environment will unfortunately affect the life of your machine.
  3. Never place your Dog Runner outside. A Dog Runner treadmill is not built to be stored under a carport or shelter. Even if you protect it with a cover. Rising moisture and condensation are the biggest enemies of your Dog Runner. The layers of paint cannot withstand these conditions either. Your guarantee will also not apply if your Dog Runner is stored in these conditions.
  4. Clean your Dog Runner after every workout with a slightly damp cloth. This will protect your lacquer layer and keep it beautiful longer. Even more important: this will also ensure that less dirt gets under the bonnet and thus damages the circuit board, engine, drive belt.
  5. Check every 30 hours of use to see if your tread does not need to be lubricated. Put your hand under the mat and feel if the board is still a little greasy. If it is dry, the engine should emit much more power. This will affect the life of your bike. The lubrication will also ensure that your mat remains supple and not ‘pulverized’ by dryness. That’s twice the profit. Watch the movie here about how to lubricate your treadmill.
    Make sure you use the right lubricant! A ‘Lifetime supply’ can be bought in our webshop and costs only 39 euros.
  6. Make sure your tread always runs nicely centered. If your mat runs too much to the left or right, it will run against the side of your frame. This can cause your mat to unravel or, even worse, tear. You can easily prevent this by adjusting the back of your mat with an Allen key. Forgot how to do this? Take a look at the video.
    Attention: Tensioning or centering your mat is done per quarter turn. If you turn the mat backwards too much, you risk damaging your rolls/bearings.
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